We can accept postdocs with external fellowships such as JSPS postdoctoral fellowships. Please contact Tomoki for more details.
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Tomoki Ozawa

Associate Professor
Email: tomoki.ozawa.d8 '@'
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William Faugno

Email: william.naughton.faugno.e3 '@'
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Bruno Mera

Assistant Professor
Email: bruno.mera.c5 '@'
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Ryo Takahashi

Email: ryo.takahashi.b6 '@'
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Enrico Martello

Visiting Scientist
PhD student visiting from the University of Birmingham
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Past Members

Name Positon Period Next Position
Greta Villa Researcher, Visiting Master student from the University of Trento 2022.04 - 2022.09 ---
Ken Mochizuki Postdoc 2021.04 - 2022.03 Postdoc at RIKEN