• Bruno Mera and Tomoki Ozawa
    - Kähler geometry and Chern insulators -- relations between topology and the quantum metric
  • Tomoki Ozawa and Bruno Mera
    - Relations between topology and the quantum metric for Chern insulators
  • Tomoki Ozawa
    - Artificial magnetic field for synthetic quantum matter without dynamical modulation
    Phys. Rev. A 103, 033318 (2021); arXiv:2008.02412


  • Matteo Seclì, Tomoki Ozawa, Massimo Capone, Iacopo Carusotto
    - Spatial and spectral mode-selection effects in topological lasers with frequency-dependent gain
  • Lisa Yamauchi, Tomoya Hayata, Masahito Uwamichi, Tomoki Ozawa, Kyogo Kawaguchi
    - Chirality-driven edge flow and non-Hermitian topology in active nematic cells
  • Yu Liu, Min Yu, Pengcheng Yang, Musang Gong, Qingyun Cao, Shaoliang Zhang, Haibin Liu, Markus Heyl, Tomoki Ozawa, Nathan Goldman, Jianming Cai
    - Saturating the quantum Cramér-Rao bound and measuring the related quantum Fisher information in a nitrogen-vacancy center in diamond
  • B. Real, O. Jamadi, M. Milićević, N. Pernet, P. St-Jean, T. Ozawa, G. Montambaux, I. Sagnes, A. Lemaître, L. Le Gratiet, A. Harouri, S. Ravets, J. Bloch, and A. Amo
    - Semi-Dirac Transport and Anisotropic Localization in Polariton Honeycomb Lattices
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 125, 186601 (2020); arXiv:2004.03478
  • Hannah M. Price, Tomoki Ozawa, Henning Schomerus
    - Synthetic dimensions and topological chiral currents in mesoscopic rings
    Phys. Rev. Research 2, 032017(R) (2020); arXiv:1907.04231

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